3 Reasons to Consider a Backup Internet Connection

by | May 30, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Making certain a business stays up and running even when crisis situations arise takes a lot of planning and foresight. While most companies have disaster mitigation plans in place, they don’t always consider one of their main connections to the outside world – the Internet. Even if a crisis isn’t occurring in a company’s general area, problems on the Internet Service Provider’s end can wreak havoc on client operations miles and miles away. Having a backup Internet connection can solve this concern and make staying online and operational possible even in the face of crisis.

Reasons to Get a Backup

Having a backup Internet connection is important for a variety of reasons. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this emergency plan for these three reasons and many more:

Backups prevent loss of connectivity – A backup connection kicks in when the main service provider experiences difficulty providing Internet access. This means a company can stay online courtesy of the secondary even when the first is experiencing difficulties. This can be especially important for companies that conduct most of their operations using networks. In fact, some backup providers can even help with WAN connection redundancy, which means an outage in Seattle can be covered by a reliable backup elsewhere, keeping all computers online and operational.

Prevents loss of productivity – When networks go down, employees are often crippled in their ability to get their jobs done. A backup Internet connection solves this problem by delivering a seamless switch in the event of an outage. While there might be a blip experienced, overall downtime may only last seconds as the backup comes online.

Protection of earnings – A loss of productivity and the ability to service clients all adds up to a loss of revenue. When a backup is in place, this problem is removed from the equation. Customers, for example, are highly unlikely to even notice an outage in services if it only lasts a very brief time.

Emergency plans are vital for all companies no matter their size. They should, however, include more than auxiliary power and evacuation routes. If the crisis is network based, a backup Internet connection can save the day by keeping everyone up and running without delay.

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