Additional Functionality of a Touch Screen Panel

by | Jun 24, 2014 | computer

When it comes to the world of personal computers the keyboard and mouse have been staples for a long time. It is only recently that a touch screen panel has come about as a viable challenger to the mouse and keyboard supremacy. Yet there is still not a very receptive market for the new technology, in the computer market, despite the additional functionality that it can add to any computer which decides to include it as an option for the user interface system.

When it comes to many visual aspects of designing and laying out pieces on the computer the touch screen panel makes the process much simpler. Being able to use two fingers in order to stretch something instead of having to grab by one corner at a time and hoping that you are able to resize it correctly is a much preferable solution. The same argument goes for any time anything needs to be rotated to a certain angle that is not ninety degrees from its starting point. Having to move it back and forth until it is perfect would be much easier with touch screen functionality.

Many people seem to think that the touchscreen is trying to force the mouse and keyboard out of the market however the touch screen panel has been designed as more of a complement to the already existing user interface. It is able to add functionality on top of what we are already able to accomplish easily using the mouse and keyboard. By putting the two together users should be able to do almost anything very easily while using a computer. Until we move past the monitor stage of computing history these two tools combined will allow for a wide spectrum of functions to be performed on any touch capable computer.

Laptops with a touch screen panel are already beginning to make their way into the affordable section of the computing market. Tablets have been touch screen almost from the beginning however this user interface idea is permeating the entire market and seems to be here to stay in at least one form or another. Users will be able to purchase a touch screen panel to replace their current one which may have malfunctioned or simply needs an upgrade.

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