An Introduction to the World of Software Development

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Software Development

The world of software development requires constant development of new systems and programs. This is essential to integrate the latest technologies with a wide range of applications. Earlier, almost all software development projects were poorly defined, as it was very tedious to think about every aspect of a program within a given time.

However the processes of developing software in a software development company have changed with time. A software development company now focuses more on the advanced technologies to deliver quality and cost effective software. Timely delivery is another important aspect of a reputed software development company.

A software development company usually follows a set of meticulous and proven processes for defining, designing and developing software projects. Moreover, it is the software developers who help turn a mere concept into reality. In order to do this, a software development company requires exploring a huge number of scientific talents.

The process of developing software in a software development company:

  1. Requirements Analysis: This is the stage where the software developers find out the requirements of the client and enumerate its each and every feature. A blue print is created, keeping the client and the purposes of the software in mind. A software development company usually explains the working and functions of each feature to the client, so as to make the software user friendly. It is also essential for the client to be fully aware of and understand the newly developed software.

  1. Creating the Specification: In this stage the software developers define all the features requested by the client in mathematical terms. The software development company, in this stage reasons whether a feature is feasible for development in a software, at an early stage, or can be introduced in later versions. Once the developers are through with the specifications, it is passed down to a software architect to create an abstract representation.

  1. Coding and Integration: The software development company starts working with coding the program, once the specifications and abstract representation are completed. After coding the software, it is sent to the testers who verify whether the software is working perfectly. If there are any bugs or errors in the software, it is sent back to the developers.

If the software has no bugs or technical errors, all the small programs and features are integrated in a single package. The whole process is documented in comprehensive manuals and a set of guidelines is also included. This is necessary for helping the end user to work properly with the software. 

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