Benefits and Pitfalls of Offshore Software Development

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Software Development

Offshore software development is one of the best ways to obtain the highest quality software within a reasonable budget. Moreover you can get your project done according to the best technical standards and within time. It also enables you to get rid of tedious operations, as well as save the cost of retaining and training professionals.

In fact it adds an economic value to your business. However like any other services, offshore software development has certain pros and cons. The advantages of this service include:

  • Offshore software development provides you with competitive advantage.

  • It also offers you more time and resources so that you can concentrate better on your core business activities.

  • You can easily hire the best offshore software development companies, in order to boost your IT competence. Moreover, it also enhances your technical proficiency.

  • Since you will be outsourcing your project to a well established offshore development company, there is no need for you to be worried about infrastructural and technical equipment investments.

  • It is one of the best ways to obtain the highest ROI (Return on Investment). It also helps you to remain in competition, while developing the highest quality IT solutions for yourself.

However while you are dealing with an offshore software development company, you need to be very careful, so that you do not end up with a big hole in your pocket. The followings are some of the drawbacks of offshore software development and you need to very careful to avoid them.

  • Poor project management: Since you are outsourcing to an overseas company and cannot be present there physically, chances are there that the project may not be of satisfying quality. Sometimes the service providers also fail to meet the deadlines. The best way to avoid such situations is appointing a reputed company or appointing an onsite executive. This executive will be tracking the progress as well as the scheduled deadlines.

  • Communication gaps: This is a very common problem with offshore software development companies. Language and cultural difference often create a great problem. Therefore settle on an easy and fixed standard of communication which both of you can follow. Opt for a company whose executives are well versed in English.

  • Subcontracting: This is one of the major problems with an offshore software development company. The service provider may often present an exaggerated version of their skills and potential while subcontracting the project in reality. Therefore it is extremely necessary to inspect the company’s profile, customer testimonials and references.

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