Direct Marketing Still Viable Customer Contact Approach

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Computer Software

With rising trends in new technologies many companies feel that direct marketing is too old an approach to reach their target audience. However, it is the very improvements to technology that have made direct marketing even more effective than ever. With new CASS Software Solutions in hand with the ability to contact people using technology to find new customers and collect names for mailing lists it has never been easier to hit your target.

Using Technology

Instead of closing doors on direct marketing, technology is providing new ways to discover your target audience and even ways to collect information for mailing lists. Whether you are using quick surveys with permission based marketing for mobile devices, using advertising to drive people to your website where they can provide opt in information or using scannable QR codes using technology to drive more successful direct marketing campaigns technology is very effective. You can also then use your direct marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website or social media sites creating a very cohesive circle from information collection, to direct marketing and back again.

Still the Most Trusted

There is a common misconception that email is replacing traditional direct marketing campaigns. However people still believe snail mail is a more trusted mode of communication compared to that which they receive via email. People often ignore email marketing campaigns as they are worried it is coming from an untrustworthy source. They fear for their privacy as well as having their identity stolen. Software like spy ware has people up in arms whereas CASS software solutions are assisting marketers do their jobs more effectively. People will retain a piece of direct marketing until they need it, whereas emails are often just deleted. The lack of trust can turn out to be very costly when you spend money to blow out a large email campaign only to discover most people don’t even read the email. That is one of the reasons having the right wording in the subject line of an email is even more important than the headline on a piece of direct marketing mail.

In order to be successful, the most in the know marketers are combining their efforts using technology to collect information to fine tune their direct marketing mailing lists and then providing online information, creating downloadable free apps and including QR codes to drive promotions and collect information. Technology combined with traditional direct marketing is the key to success.

If you are looking for direct marketing CASS software solutions to help make your campaigns more successful, Anchor Computer Software has the services you need.

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