End Employee Fraud with Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Software

Since the inception of the traditional punch time clock, employees have been known to commit time fraud by clocking their colleagues in and out of work without them being present. Unfortunately, while we want to believe our employees are honest and trustworthy, many can be unethical and commit malpractices such as buddy punching, taking extended breaks, or even proxy attendance. This might not seem to be a huge deal, but when a lot of employees partake, it gravely affects the amount of money a company accrues. When you add up a few minutes here and a few minutes there and multiply that by the estimated number of potential employees involved, the amount of revenue you have lost in seeping labor costs can be staggering. This is precisely why now is the time to take control of the situation by implementing biometric time and attendance systems.

Cutting Edge Technology Keeps Employees Honest

It should be noted that not every employee is dishonest and tries to take advantage of an employer with outdated time clocks. However, for those that do, a biometric time clock stops them in their tracks. Biometric identification requirements ensure that employees can no longer take advantage of their employers. Biometric time clocks use unique physiological traits that range from fingerprints to facial features to mark an employee’s attendance. Once a biometric time clock is connected to the Internet, it is ready to start marking and saving data. These revolutionary time clocks are even capable of logging personal time off, vacation days, sick days, and tips and earnings. To start using a biometric time clock, each employee has to initially enroll into the system. This is done by scanning their fingerprint or face and registering with an associated user ID. When scanning is complete, the time clock software encrypts the image and stores it in the form of a numerical value that will identify each employee when they punch out and in from that point on.

The Basics of Facial Recognition Time Clocks

Facial recognition time clocks are making their mark as a popular biometric solution. Several unique features are scanned for facial recognition time clocks, making this type of time clock extremely difficult to trick, or be used in a malicious manner. Since all an employee has to do is stand in front of the time clock in a certain position, clocking in and out of work is simple and takes very little time. When a biometric facial recognition time clock is put into place, the employer stands to gain more productivity with their employees and save more money by accurately keeping track of employee work hours.

uAttend takes the stress and strain out of managing an employees work hours by offering cutting edge technology with biometric time and attendance systems. Take control of time management tools to see an increase in revenue and more employee productivity.



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