Get More Value From Your Development Time With Mobile Application Porting

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Software Development

Every time you think about whether to add a feature to a product, you have to consider whether it is going to generate enough value for you to be worth the amount of development time that it takes up. New features aren’t free. They introduce complexity that you have to debug and support, and they use time that could otherwise be put toward making additional products. A similar issue comes up when you consider whether or not to port. Normally, taking an Android app and trying to make it run on iOS is almost like creating an entirely new product. With good mobile application porting services, though, you can get things done a lot faster and save money.

When you work with a company like Endeavour, mobile application porting becomes a lot easier. They provide this as a service to their clients, and so they have the expertise and they understand the challenges in porting very well. This greatly reduces the amount of work involved compared to someone who works from the assumption that everything will have to be build the app from scratch.
They’re also competent in mobile app testing and making sure that the new version of the app is going to work as expected on the target devices. Doing a port, only to release it and have people come back telling you it crashes on a particular feature or not working at all, can affect the usage value of the app. You need to make sure that everything is tested so that your mobile application porting efforts don’t turn into something that actually damages your reputation.

Every app platform has its own quirks and it’s impossible for anyone to be a complete expert in all of them. If you’ve developed something great for one platform, you can actually save money by paying an operation like Endeavour to use their expertise to quickly portit to other platforms. The sooner a working version is ready, the sooner you can put it out onto the related stores and start making a profit.

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