Golden Rules for Online Customer Service

by | May 15, 2013 | Software

If you are in business, you have to give consideration to how you treat your customers. In the online world, this is sometimes forgotten or overlooked. So much of customer service is automated, but the end result is that people are still the driving force behind business. To create raving fans, you have to create online customer service that builds customer rapport.

In our ever changing world, it is important to not only protect the interest of your business but also the customer that uses your products or services. Think about how you would like to be treated and give your customers the same respect. There is nothing high tech about it. To evaluate your online customer service, follow the seven golden rules.

Terms and Conditions

Keep your terms and conditions to the point and simple. Most people do not even read them. They want the product or service, and they will skip over the fine print. Use simpler terms that are easy to understand. There is no reason to bore them to death with legal terminology.

Manage Expectations

You know what you expect when you are on the customer side of the fence. Treat your customers the same way. Follow your instincts to build a long lasting rapport.

Make it Easy

Doing business with your company should be simple. If what you are offering requires a contractual agreement, make sure it is easy to follow. It is important to follow the advice of an attorney, but you want to think about how all these terms will make your customer feel. If you do not like it, chances are they will not either.

Be Personable

If you offer customer support via email, make it personable. Do not make it sound computer generated. Your customers enjoy that human connection. Make sure you maintain it in all of your correspondence.

Provide Options

Offer a variety of options for your customer to be able to reach you. Customers get put off when there is only an email or online form for them to connect with. Offer a ticket system that gives responses via phone, email, instant messaging, or live chat.

Allow for Cancellations

Make cancellations easy. Once they have decided to move on, the best thing you can do is accept it. If your cancellation process is easy, they may one day return to you as a customer. They will not if you make them go through a lot of red tape and headache.

Get Feedback

When in doubt, poll your customers to find out what they want. If you can find suitable resolutions to issues, then ask your customer for their opinion on what should be done. They will feel like you are caring and considerate.

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