Helpful Tips for Improving Your Web Design

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Internet and Technology

The way that your website is designed, the colors and fonts that are used, the placement of images and every other visible element can play a role in the success – high conversion, low bounce rates – and failure – low sales and high abandonment – of your website.

If you want to be certain that the visitors your site will leave right as they arrive, then you should make it a challenge to find what they are searching for and include a large number of confusing and distracting graphic. However, if you want to create a superior Web Design In Houston TX that will get visitors to stay around longer and actually make a purchase, use the tips found here.

Create a Professional Logo and Create a Home Page Link

A crucial part of your business’s brand is ensuring that your logo is able to be easily seen. Be sure that you use a quality image and that it is featured on the upper-left corner of each page. You should also ensure that all pages with your logo link back to the site’s home page.

Use Easy to Understand Navigation

Most websites feature their navigation menu that runs horizontally at the top portion of the website. This makes them easy to find and use for your website visitors. You should also create secondary navigation controls that are under the first navigation bar, or on the left side of your site. These provide highly visible navigation buttons that allows users to easily find their way from page to page.

Eliminate Clutter

It is also a good idea to eliminate any unnecessary images, gifs or other graphics that may cause the attention of your visitors to be taken from what you and your site offers. When people are visiting a website, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. If you have too many distracting elements on a page, it can cause them to miss what you have to offer or why they should use their services. Keeping clutter down will allow you to target what you want a visitor to do next.

There are no secret formulas for creating a great looking and east-to-use website. However, with the tips and techniques highlighted here, you can begin to create a site that will help you get the results you want.

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