How a Bad Website Can Kill Your Marketing Efforts

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Digital Marketing

A lot of time and money goes into marketing for your company, but it pays off in the end if they’re successful. Your marketing efforts may be effective, but if your website isn’t up to par, it can end up ruining all the hard work you put in. If you have a local business trying to market online or a company that relies on ecommerce, you need a clear, well-designed website to make your marketing efforts worth it. Here are some ways having a bad website can destroy any marketing efforts.

Creates confusion

If your marketing campaigns are professional quality, but your website isn’t, it could cause the wrong message to your customers. Someone who sees your campaign and the varying qualities could think they have the wrong website. If you’re marketing to get more walk-in customers, people who try to navigate your website first may not bother coming in person if they can’t find the answers they need. A confusing website is a bad one, so potential customers who think they want your services who can’t find what they’re looking for may think you don’t offer what they need. You need a well-designed website to engage your potential customers and answer their questions.

Scares away customers

Having a bad website could damage your sales if your company relies on ecommerce. Say you have a marketing campaign that advertises what you sell in store and online, and someone sees it and wants to buy your product, but when they get to your website but they can’t find where to buy. Or, if they do find the buy page, it’s confusing and unappealing. They may think your products aren’t good quality, either. You’re missing another market of customers who can’t navigate the website.

Bad reviews

While people shouldn’t judge anything by its cover, they do anyway. Your website could be the first impression a potential customer gets with your business. If the website is poorly designed, they could judge your products or your customer service. Anyone who uses your website can give reviews to their friends, which causes you to miss more customers. Your website design is directly linked to your image and if other people tell whoever they know it’s hard to use your services, your marketing efforts won’t change their mind.

If you’re not as experienced in web design, you can hire someone to help you fix your website. A company that specializes in marketing in Orange County can not only help you with your website design, but your marketing efforts as well. You want everything you put into your company to be worthwhile, so don’t ruin your marketing efforts with a bad website.

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