Importance of Data Center Energy Management Software

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Software

The most affordable way to acquire data center energy management software is by opting for the software-as-a-service license that will allow your company to pay only when it uses the software. You will only pay for what you use and you can always upgrade or downgrade the solution according to your prevailing needs.

The software allows you to monitor report and evaluate the real-time data center energy consumption levels. This includes all the devices that run or the data center network. The importance of the data center energy management software could not have come at a better time than today, as companies are asking for solutions that will allow them to implement their energy management capacities and at the same time reduce their costs.

Good software architecture offers an opportunity to deploy it on the cloud such that scaling it upwards or downwards is possible. As you choose the number of data centers to put under management with the software, you can also choose the parameters to look for when working with the software. They include the reporting and analytics tools and features that will affect the amount of data that you get on your reports. The ability to customize reports provides you with an easy way of interpreting data so that you can effectively react. For example, reports can show you where you need to increase rack density so that you maximize on hidden network capacity.

Most companies that already have data centers also have trained IT staffs and managers to manage those centers, but perhaps the most important resource yet is the tool that lets the company manage the energy resources used by data centers. With advanced features such as cooling charts, real-time power load, change rates and configurable dashboards, your staffs will be able to tweak your data center energy efficiency according to your needs and based on your resources so that it does not serve as just another facility that drains your energy resources. You will be able to ensure that you get a viable return on investment not only though the ease of operation occasioned by various on click options, but also the ability to perfectly configure your data center so that you monitor all its components.

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