Improve Your Productivity With Multiple Monitor Displays

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Computer monitors have certainly improved over time from the poor resolution, poor quality and poor performance of the clunky, old style monitors that took up an entire desk. Today we have the LED monitors, but despite their larger screen size there are still ways to increase user productivity.

One of the biggest issues from many users is that the monitor area is just not big enough to display everything they need to see and access at the same time. Sure, you can shrink windows and use a variety of programs to keep different windows open, but you are still required to constantly resize or open and close screens as you need more space to see the images and text.

The answer to this problem is not to get a bigger monitor, but to have access to multiple monitor displays. These systems are not random monitors over your desk or your work station; rather they are specially designed multi monitor displays that minimize space requirements while maximizing your visual surface area.

Increased Productivity & Decreased Errors

Studies by Jon Peddie Reseach, The University of Utah and NEC as well as documented in the Pfeiffer Report in 2005 show that multi monitor displays increase productivity from 10 to 42% per employee while also decreasing errors up to 20%.

This is largely attributed to the decrease in frustration in flipping open and closed windows and screens and having the ability to continually see your work rather than having some work or data hidden when other screens or windows were open.

Multitasking Possibilities

Depending on the type of work you do multitasking on multiple monitor displays allows the user to keep programs open and to work between programs much more effectively and efficiently. Since the programs and data are displayed on different screens controlled from the same system data can be moved about or maintained separately.

This would allow employees to access information for phone conversations or daily business on one screen while writing current reports, completing data entry or doing any other computer related task on another screen.

Multi monitor displays can include dual monitors or large banks of up to 12 monitors. Deciding the number of multiple monitor displays you need starts with considering the number of programs needed at one time and the physical space you have to work with.


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