Increase Employee Productivity At Your Business With A Mobile Cart

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Computer Software

Significantly improve your employee and business output without making major changes to your infrastructure, software or practices by using mobile carts. Mobile carts and workstations can be used in many different workplace environments. There are no changes to your current set-up and no software development required.


Improve accuracy and save time with amobile cartat the point of activity. Use it for shelf labeling and sign printing, inventory management and remote power for sidewalk events and more.


A mobile cart in the manufacturing environment can generate productivity by allowing employees to go anywhere in the facility just by moving their workstation with them. For example, in a shipping department there is no need to run back and forth to the desktop computer when you need information at the point of activity. Mobile carts can carry all of the solutions needed to complete your business dealings.


Used in a warehouse, mobile carts can change a stationary work area into a mobile one. Mobile workstations can be used for order-picking, service parts, small parts inventory, quality control and more.

Health Care Facilities

Mobile carts play a valuable role in health care and when used in health care facilities they can help improve bedside patient care with real-time patient charting.


You can take your laptop or projector anywhere you have to go with your mobile lab. Mobile workstations allow you to set up class anywhere.

Mobile workstations include:

Compact workstations

Mid-size workstations

Heavy-duty workstations

Healthcare powered carts

Power packages

Power swap systems

Workplace accessories

Pick up the phone and call to get more information or get a quote online with minimal information to get started such as what kind of product you are interested in and what processes and applications you plan to use your mobile workstation for. You can download and review case studies showing how productivity improved by the use of mobile carts in the workplace. You can also configure your own workstation and view the types of workstations configured for other organizations and businesses to help give ideas on how you want to configure your mobile workstation.

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