mBanking: Financial Services for the Future

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Software Development

As our society becomes increasingly reliant on technology for simple daily tasks, many Banks & Financial Services organizations are finding that physical real world services just aren’t cutting it any more, especially for the younger generations. With the rise of digital applications that allow easy and convenient access from anywhere in the world, consumers are used to being able to do just about anything at any time of the day or night, regardless of traditional business hours. A Bank that doesn’t offer this capability is at an automatic disadvantage, especially when it comes to having secure access to banking information. Today’s customers are demanding access to mobile banking options, and if your organization doesn’t offer that capability, your customers will find another Bank that does.

For a growing cross section of the population, life is spent constantly on the go, both for work as well as pleasure, and smart phones are their lifelines. Just as a cell phone offers the ability to phone a friend from anywhere in the world, smart phones provide access to a number of services. One of the most frequently used is mobile banking, or mBanking. Consumers use these services to check account balances, pay bills instantly, transfer funds, and a host of other tasks that were required to be done in person at a physical bank location in the past. With the frantic pace of modern life, today’s banking clients need to be able to complete business on their schedule, not the bank’s, which is why banking institutions that offer extensive mobile services are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Since the economy has negatively impacted interest rates, the availability of mobile services has become the most commonly expected and requested account amenity, and can often close the deal with consumers who are unsure about whether or not to commit to a bank. Knowing that they will have guaranteed easy access to their money, regardless of time, day or location, can be what swings the balance in a bank’s favor.

Fostering successful client relationships is about providing what your clients need and want, and for most banking customers, that’s mBanking apps that make it easy to move money from one account to the next, pay urgent bills and more. Boost your Bank’s client base by offering mobile banking as a standard account feature and you’ll be impressed at the results.

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