The Benefits Of DVD Replication Services

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Often people that are not familiar with different terms in the media industry use completely different terms as if they were identical processes. This is true when you hear many people talk about DVD replication services and duplication services. While you end up with a copy of an original with both types of services, there are significant differences in the methods used and, in some cases, the quality of the final product.


Duplication is what most people think of even if they are using the term replication. Duplication is also known as “burning” a CD or DVD and includes a blank disc that is treated with a light sensitive coating, that responds to the presence of a laser to create a readable track on the DVD. Think of it as a process that creates a series of holes that are too tiny to see and very shallow across the surface of the disc.

Duplication can be done relatively quickly, especially with commercial towers that allow large numbers of discs to be burned at one time.

DVD Replication Services

DVD replication services are much more involved and create a highly accurate copy of the original. This is because the original is actually used to create a master copy of the original that is made of glass that is treated with a photoresist coating. The laser, similar to the duplication process, creates the microscopic pits on this surface. The surface is treated, removing the areas of the surface exposed to the laser, creating a perfect copy that is durable. This is then treated with a nickel coating, making a literal stamp. Each copy of a replicated disc will be an exact copy of the original through this process.

Other options to consider with DVD replication services, besides the production of a high quality DVD regardless of the number of copies you require, are the additional printing services offered.

Top DVD replication services can provide fully color printed labels, inserts, covers and traycovers as well as sleeves and wallet styles of covers. With these options you can use DVD replication services to create very professional looking and sounding DVDs either for mass distribution or in limited qualities.

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