Uses And Features Of Ethernet Lines

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Computers and Internet

The important role that computers and laptops have in our lives is something that just cannot be measured. Ethernet lines are mainly used to transfer information from different devices. The Ethernet lines are just lines of communication between multiple devices on the same network. Interestingly enough, most commercial networks use Ethernet cables. For example, do you have a desktop that is connected to a router to use the Internet? If so, your computer is using an Ethernet line to communicate with the router.

When you get an Ethernet cable it is either going to be made out of copper or fiber optic. If you can get a fiber optic cable (if and when it is available) you should as they are considered to be more advanced than traditional copper cables. The problem with copper cables is the fact that they can stop working during a thunderstorm because of the electricity. When you have a fiber optic cable, this is not something you would have to be concerned with. This is why some businesses are able to keep using their Internet during a storm and others are not.

Ethernet cables come in a wide variety of colors, though they are most commonly yellow or white. This is not one of those wires where the color of the wire tells you it is an Ethernet cable. It can be plugged into the back of a computer or a router with ease. There is a little lever on the plug you can release to plug the cord in or to remove it.

Naturally, you might wonder whether or not this cable can be damaged if it is left out in the sun for too long.  After all, when you sign up for Ethernet services with a new Internet service provider, they will sometimes send the equipment in the mail. When this happens the box might sit on your porch for a little while. Fortunately, most Ethernet wires are made to be UV protected which would prevent it from being damaged due to sunlight exposure.

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