Why your Business needs Asset Tracking Software

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Software

You might think you can just run your business without the need to understand the uses and rights to use the software you have installed on your computers. However, knowing the laws and rules around software usage is important to every business. Asset tracking software allows your business to stay on top of your software and helps you save money while ensuring your team has the tools and upgrades they require in a timely manner.

Reduce Costs
You will save money and reduce costs using an asset tracking software. Asset tracking software is designed to help you avoid paying for licenses you don’t need. It also helps you plan and budget for upgrades you will need which in turn allows your business to assess where and when you can take advantage of lower costs when buying in bulk. It will also protect your company from unintentionally using software not under license during a software audit. You may even find that because you are able to track unauthorized software downloads you need a smaller IT department to manage related issues such as viruses and spyware.

You always want to know your assets are protected and security is a must for your system. One of the biggest threats to your system is staff downloading software on their work computers without authorization. These programs can be everything from music to online games any of which can prove problematic to your business. Whether it is spyware, viruses or staff using their own software for personal use during business hours, you want to be able to be certain staff is unable to access software that is not authorized by your IT team. Asset tracking software can help.

Inventory Management
Asset tracking software allows you to manage inventory as it stores you technology assets for both hardware and software. You can also assist in the procurement process as you can keep a record of all of your global contracts. Your IT can always be on top of upgrades as well as hardware required for each department. You will also have a central location to manage your IT equipment and software.
Asset tracking software is well worth the investment to keep your company on top of its needs as well as to help reduce costs and keep your system safe.

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