Benefits Of End Point Backup From A Business POV

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Computers and Internet

Five areas of your business could benefit from end point backup services, including the IT department and the consumer. Endpoint back-ups can restore data and protect it. The endpoint is the customer or the employee, depending on how you have things set up and can include mobile devices. The whole of the business can benefit from these solutions, but you may not realize that legal teams, customers, and executives can also help.

IT Department

While your data can be stored off-site, it still needs to be accessible by all employees, whether on mobile devices outside of the office or in the office. Because the data is being held somewhere else, it can free up your IT resources. Everything is easy to understand, create and monitor, so your IT department isn’t rushing around trying to manage backups and installing them.

If you have multiple branches throughout the US or internationally, you’ll want something that is available globally. Online backups are available anywhere, so you won’t have a problem.


If you lose files from the primary location, you need something that is easy and fast to restore those files. If you don’t have a system, employees are probably backing things up irregularly, such as every few days or even forgetting for weeks. If something happens, and their items aren’t backed up, the whole business could flounder.

You also want something that has zero impact on the performance of the employees. If computers run slow because bandwidth is sucked up for backing up purposes, it will take longer for employees to do their job. Most services will offer nightly or overnight data drops, so everything is backed up when no one is working.

Legal Departments

While small businesses may not have a separate legal department, many larger corporations will. They need to be able to hold their data for longer periods of time because it can take months or years to finish up a legal battle. While they don’t necessarily need those files on their computer to use every day, they need a safe place to store them until they’re needed.

Corporate data of all sorts must be kept safe and secure. Many corporations, such as large retail chains, have had sensitive information (credit/debit card numbers) stolen, which leads to many legal hassles and a lot of red tape. Therefore, end point backup options can keep that data secure, so there are fewer legal problems.

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