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by | Feb 14, 2024 | Website Designer

If you’re wondering why that drag-and-drop site you made a year ago isn’t getting much traffic, it could be several things. Sometimes, the colors used or the layout may be hard for readers to navigate. However, one thing people tend to underestimate is the power of search engine optimization. In many cases, if a blog or website can’t be found in an engine search, it’s difficult to grow a loyal audience.

How Online Marketing Plays a Solid Role in Gaining Traffic

There’s more to web design services in Fresno, CA than having someone create a web page that looks simple. While drag-and-drop sites are easy to use, the marketing process doesn’t stop there. Even if your site has visual appeal, this doesn’t mean visitors will return.

The marketing process is never a one-and-done deal. It takes research and analyzing trends to see what works for each online presence. While some people reach their marketing goals through ongoing social media posting and sharing, this is just the basics. SEO services in Fresno, CA can also help you come up with interesting and relevant content that suits your brand.

Upgrade Your Online Presence

Visit JP Solutions Web Design & Digital Marketing website to view our portfolio and client testimonials. Instead of walking away from your online presence, contacting web design services in Fresno, CA may be the answer. Together we can create a realistic marketing plan or give your site an attention-grabbing makeover.

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