Investing in POS – What You Need to Know

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Business software

If you work in the retail industry, you probably have detailed knowledge of POS (point-of-sale) technology. POS refers to the location where we make our checkouts when purchasing goods. As time goes by, however, we’re seeing a growing number of hardware and software systems that are making the process much less stressful for everyone. POS terminals can do most of the things that human cashiers can do and then some, including debit/credit card processing, handling foreign currency, performing inventory management and much more.

A huge number of dealers specialize in supplying customers with these systems, but you have to make sure you’re getting the very best point-of-sale products and services on the market. Several factors should be taken into consideration during your search, including how much space the system will require, what you can use it for, and the types of benefits it will offer you and your customers. Whether you need assistance with inventory management, customer relationships or basic transactions, there’s a product out there with your name on it.


Retail stores that use POS hardware usually need multiple units, so you should make sure you have enough room to house several systems. You don’t want to clutter your space up with card scanners and receipt printers in random places. Fortunately, as technology improves, POS terminals are able to fulfill a number of functions while taking up less space. These are called all-in-one units. By combining all the necessary utilities into one machine, significant counter space is saved, making things much more convenient for the retailer. All-in-one POS units often have touch screens, computers, interfaces for user input and even scanners and receipt printers built right in. Make sure your supplier offers systems that include these features.


As noted above, POS machines are often given the ability to perform multiple tasks, including inventory management. This is probably the easiest decision you’ll have to make—simply think about what functions you need your POS system to perform. Do you need something that can process gift cards and handle discounts? Do you require customers to leave their signatures when making transactions? Is inventory management taking up too much of your time? POS systems can help with all of the above.

Convenience and Customer Satisfaction

If you have an efficient system, things will run much more smoothly and accurately for both you and your customers. Many POS system dealers offer inventory management, which allows retailers to keep track of stock and what needs to be reordered. Many suppliers even offer systems that make automatic purchase orders on the most popular products to keep your customers happy. This also saves you money because you only order what you need. Some POS software allows you to keep track of your customers’ purchase history, allowing you to get to know them so you can more efficiently meet their needs.

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