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At the heart of it, the field of project management is meant to help companies achieve their goals. Project management focuses on identifying projects that align with the overall strategy of a firm. It also tracks the progress of projects to ensure that they are completed on time, and within the allotted budget. However, there are actually a few different types of project management: PMO and EPMO. Find how how these two forms of project management differ so that you can make an informed decision about hiring a firm.

A Look at Project Management Offices

The one thing that distinguishes a Project Management Office is that it is usually incorporated into another type of department. Within this structure, a PMO may perform one of three roles. A PMO may be the controlling style which works on managerial projects. PMOs can als obe directing in nature, meaning that they create protocols for management and staff. Finally, a PMO can be of the supporting type, which serves as an auxiliary work force for other departments. Overall, the purpose of a PMO is to make sure that projects are done correctly, and completed on schedule.

The EPMO In a Nutshell

EPMOs are similar to PMOs, but they typically focus on selecting viable projects. Those involved in Enterprise Project Management usually have specialized experience in the business world. This helps them form strategies to select only those projects that can support the strategy, goals and culture of the business. EPMOs are also tasked with establishing practices for the upper echelon of management. In this sense, EPMOs cover a broader range of topics.

Reconciling the Differences

In an ideal situation, both an EPMO and a PMO can work together to maximize the success of projects. Enterprise Project Management should try to focus on the process involved with project management, while PMOs handle all of the details. This creates a synergy that promotes the successful completion of projects. In the end, there is room for both types of teams in your organization.

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