5 Practices to Implement in a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has increased in competitiveness. There are stricter quality regulations, serialized mandates and more counterfeit drugs available. These factors increase the necessity of a traceable pharmaceutical supply chain. Here are a few best practices to ensure a productive and sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain.

Use a Business Network to Connect and Collaborate

No longer does the industry use the old model of point-to-point connections. Today, the foundation of the multi-enterprise supply chain is the digital network. All partners can connect through the cloud. This connection allows for everyone along the chain to work together in sync.

Obtain Detailed Analysis of the Manufacturing Process

Moving pharmaceutical products needs to be consistent and repeatable. Just one milligram of an extra substance in a medication alters the composition of the product. Side-effects could be life-threatening. The entire manufacturing process must be analyzed in detail to be sure the products are not adulterated.

Ensure Traceability End-to-End

Pharma companies must ensure traceability from end-to-end. There are more external parties getting involved, which make it important to have visibility into the manufacturing processes. This helps keep track of product quality across the multi-tier, multi-enterprise pharmaceutical supply chain.

Quick Response to Changes in Demand

Pharma can have rapid changes in the supply and demand of products. Using state-of-the-art applications allows you to receive and evaluate information in real time. When an unexpected demand change or a supply disruption occurs, it should be shared with partners immediately. Quickly develop a plan in response.

Total Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility and good shipping practices are essential for ensuring pharma products reach destinations quickly without sacrificing quality. This means allocation warehousing, transportation and any other value-added services to the appropriate channels.

If you are interested in more ways to improve the pharmaceutical supply chain or need help implementing any of these strategies, visit the Demand Solutions website.

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