7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In An Integrated Grant Management System

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Computer Software

Integrated grant management systems are becoming popular due to their many benefits. Grant-making organizations and grantees use grant management systems to generate reports. It helps them discover trends and decide how to use and manage their resources effectively. Here’s how you can enjoy an integrated grant management system.

1. Configurable and centralized delivery processes

Grantmakers seek a GMS that can accommodate a variety of customized delivery approaches. A configurable GMS enables grantmakers to adjust the system to their business processes. They do this to:

·accommodate more grantees
·report on more metrics
·streamline the grant application process
·provide efficiency for grantees and grantmakers

This allows more time to focus on program delivery rather than administrative responsibilities.

2. Save time while providing better results for clients.

As a grant executive, your first responsibility is to increase your client’s prospects of success. By streamlining the application process, an integrated grant management system saves you time. Ensure that candidates submit their applications on time. It increases the likelihood of a favorable choice for the customer.

3. Gather all your information in one location.

Access your data, including history, due dates, reporting requirements, contacts, goals, and budget. There will be no more binders or rummaging through the paperwork. Instead, you’ll have all of your searchable data in one spot.

4. Manage all grants from beginning to end.

From start to completion, keep track of every detail of the procedure. These details may include the following:

·submission method
·significant dates

5. Understand where you are in each application.

Comprehensive reports will prepare you for presentations, board meetings, and grant interviews. Create personalized reports to share with employees and optimize operations.

6. Compliance with the DPR

Do you lock your grant applications in a secure cabinet every night? Most integrated grant management system adheres to the most recent online security regulations.

7. Integrated calendars and automatic reminders to help you stay on track

Keep all your important dates in one location to better organize your schedule. Automatic reminders guarantee that you always complete all deadlines.

You may use configurable, and all-in-one online grants administration solutions. They increase your efficiency, simplify difficult processes, and boost teamwork. Thus, allowing you to focus on making a bigger impact.

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