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by | Jan 12, 2023 | Internet Marketing Service

Maropost is a premium platform for creating and managing marketing automation workflows and automating your email marketing campaigns. It’s available in three editions: Maropost Standard, Maropost Professional, and Maropost Enterprise. While each edition has unique features and price points, they are all built on the same core technology platform. Working with Maropost developers will help you take the most advantage of any of the versions you’re currently using.

Complex Integration

Maropost’s primary goal is to provide a single platform for all your marketing needs, but many businesses with complex needs will benefit from additional features or integrations. For example, Maropost can be integrated with Google Analytics or Salesforce, so you can have all your data in one place. Similarly, if you connect your CRM with Maropost, it can automatically update customer contact information when they purchase a product on your website! In short, if you want to implement any features that Maropost doesn’t support, you can look for Maropost developers that can help you integrate those features through the Maropost API.


Customization is critical for your business because it enables you to meet the needs of your customers and other stakeholders. You may need custom dashboards or reports to draw data-based conclusions and decide on the next steps for your business. If that’s the case, you can set them up yourself, or look into hiring Maropost developers to speed up the process.

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