Factors To Think About When You Buy SMTP Server Plans

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Computers and Internet

If you send a lot of emails, regardless of their type, from your company or business you should consider the option to buy SMTP server plans that will ensure prompt, direct and immediate delivery of each email that you send. These plans are designed to range in price to match with the budget of small company or to handle the massive email volume of a larger corporation.

Generally there two options to consider when you buy SMTP server plans. These include transactional plans and dedicated server plans. Determining which is the best option of the two for your business needs means taking a look at the types of emails and the volume of emails that you send.

Transactional Emails

The first question companies offering you the option to buy SMTP server plans will ask is the type of emails you send. They may ask of you send transactional emails, which can include invoices, memos, weekly or daily updates, or any other type of regular or infrequent type of email.

When you buy SMTP server plans for a transactional SMTP service you will purchase based on the number of emails each subscriber is able to receive. This allows you, as the sender, to control the price based on the number of emails, newsletters or auto-responders that you choose to send.

Dedicated SMTP Server

As a business if you want your own, unique, dedicated IP address and ability to send up to 7500 emails per hour speed you pay a flat rate per month for the use of the service. This low rate works out to just fractions of a penny per email and allows you to not only send fast but to also ensure fast delivery using dedicated routes and servers that are not shared with other companies and businesses.

When you buy SMTP server plans that feature dedicated servers you have virtually unbeatable uptimes with top companies boasting 99.9% up-time combined with authenticated mailing so your mail never ends up accidentally marked as spam through an automated delivery system.

Both of these options to buy SMTP server plans are worth considering. However, with larger monthly mailings and if delivery on time every time is essential to you then the dedicated SMTP plan is the recommended way to go.

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