Magnetic Motor Starter: A Powerful Safety Device When Dealing With Power

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Electronics

Magnetic motor starters are electromagnetically functioning switches which enhance the safety factors for starting electric motors. There is a dual benefit to using a magnetic motor starter as they are designed to protect against voltage overloads by cutting off the power current automatically when it reaches the point where it could cause damage. In addition, when there is a low amount of voltage or even power failure, the system will also provide a safety shutoff of power.

How the Magnetic Motor Starter Works

The magnetic starter is designed with a contactor and overload relay which controls voltage to the coil of the starter when an overload on a motor is detected. The overload relay is reliant upon heat from the motor to operate or release contacts which are supplying the connecting power to the motor. The contactor is designed to automatically disengage when there is any type of overload or power failure to the machine because of the electromagnet within the contactor.

Additional Safety Features as Required by OSHA

Magnetic motor starters are required on some operations because of enhanced safety features. They provide a higher level of protection from the unintentional restarting of motors because of their design and function. This eliminates the dangers from emergency shutdowns from low power supply and unintentional restarts when the power is restored. This increases the protection from perils which may otherwise present themselves in the automated processing equipment found in factories, machine shops and similar businesses that operate machinery requiring higher levels of power.

Recommended Uses of a Magnetic Motor Starter

Magnetic motor starters are recommended for use with equipment which requires several horsepower to operate, for example cabinet saws or other machinery requiring a larger power supply. They are not as appropriate for smaller electrically powered tools such as drills or other equipment which require small amounts of power. Magnetic motor starters are also highly recommended in the process of retrofitting older machinery which is undergoing upgrades or refurbishment in order to increase the safety and protection of their operation.

Magnetic motor starters have their specific place in industry and for use in higher horsepower equipment used by home owners and small businesses. Improvements in safety features cut down on workplace or residential accidents and catastrophic events such as fires due to electrical issues or machinery which is prematurely restarted. There is recognition of the value of this safety feature by OSHA for safer operation of certain types of equipment. For more information about magnetic motor starters you can see what the professionals at BreakerOutlet have to say.


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