Nontraditional Illinois Students Earn Their Masters of Fine Arts Degree

Typically, those who wanted to earn MFA diplomas had to matriculate in a program that required them to sit for a certain number of hours in a physical lecture hall. Even those who elected to study exclusively online had to meet a similar requirement, though virtual lectures usually counted toward the total number of hours they had to sit for. Nontraditional students found it extremely difficult to meet either of these goals. Some of them even felt that it wasn’t fair because they already had a good amount of experience in the field.

That’s where the low residency MFA program comes into play. This gives Illinois students an opportunity to earn a degree even if they wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet these stringent requirements. Students are asked to demonstrate the same amount of skills they’d need if they were getting a degree as full-time residents. Those with undergraduate work under their belt might be able to apply this toward their diploma if they choose to enroll in a low residency MFA program.

Prior education experience might count toward an overall degree, though students could be required to pass a competency exam and provide legitimate transcripts. Considering that any nontraditional student who wants to apply for this type of degree program would already have an undergraduate diploma, this shouldn’t be a difficult request to fulfill.

Apply for a low residency MFA program, along with many other academic degrees, by visiting the School of the Art Institute of Chicago online.

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