Rounding Out Your SEO Campaign With Multi-Channel Strategies

Nobody can argue the benefits of technology in just about every aspect of life. However, the pull that people have to their mobile devices and their home computers has created some critics who believe interpersonal communication has taken a back seat to the relationships established in the virtual world. For marketers, this divide has created difficulties in attracting more people to the brand, but it has also created some opportunities, particularly in the SEO campaign arena. The caveat here is that marketers who know how to use social media are conquering this divide and bridging the gap with great success.

1. TD Canada Trust – Getting Personal Pays

This small business and commercial banking operation touches 10 million Canadian customers with more than 1,000 branches. Using social media channels, the company was able to capitalize on a “surprise strategy” that peaked the interest of users who came in contact with the campaign. A study published in the Journal of Services Marketing outlines how consumers are pulled in by the element of surprise in a marketing campaign. This element has been rebranded as “customer delight,” to magnify the value of the strategy.

What TD Canada Trust did was put a hidden camera on some of its more than 2,000 ATMs where customers were given gifts, from plane tickets for a mother to see her sick daughter thousands of miles away to a baseball fan who was given a jersey and a baseball, which he threw out as the opening pitch in a major league game. This highly emotional sequence of videos took a normally non-personal interaction with an ATM and turned it into a personal interaction that produced tears of joy.

These videos were available through several social media channels, which gave many people the opportunity to see them. Since people are 20 percent more likely to purchase a product when emotionally engaged in a campaign, this strategy really worked for TD Canada Trust. While personal engagement normally requires interpersonal communication, this video proves that when the content is right and delivered through the proper channels, there doesn’t need to be a face-to-face encounter to pull it off.

2. Maintaining Quality Human Interaction with SEO

What the TD Canada campaign proves is that we need to strive to create a connection, regardless of the type of strategy we are using, from email campaigns to SEO campaign tasks. We know that a top-notch SEO campaign includes a focus on quality content that will engage the consumer at an individual level, offering them information that can enhance their lives.

3. Bringing in the Pros to Keep it Consistent

What has been your biggest downfall when it comes to creating a highly effective SEO campaign strategy? Do you fail to hit on topics that evoke an emotional reaction from your target market? Are you using the wrong channels or do you lack the expertise to fully utilize social media channels? When you partner with a marketing professional like Jasmine Sandler you get access to a person who has developed successful SEO campaigns for nearly a decade. Ask her clients like Citibank, ISO or Diamonds International how her advice brought their SEO to new levels.

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