Why is Helvetica a Preferred Typeface?

by | May 6, 2016 | Computers and Internet

Helvetica, a sans-serif typeface, is a favorite among web designers at our Dallas Web Design Companies as it’s easy on the eye and Internet-friendly. The following post is going to cover some details associated with the font, its family and history, while also underlining a few of the reasons for the typeface’s popularity. Helvetica includes amongst the most popular and used fonts worldwide and by our Companies.


This font first was designed by Max Miedinger in 1957. Its name derives from the term Helvetia, which is Latin for Switzerland. At first, it was named the Neue Haas Grotesk, and in 1960, was changed to Helvetica by Stempel, Hass’ German’s parent company. The Stempel foundry wound up adding more weights to Helvetica then Merganthaer Linotype derived newer versions.

Font Family

Its design was based upon grotesques of the nineteenth century. There were a few refinements made, and it was placed underneath the sans serif sub-classification of neo-grotesque. Below include a few of the family members:

  • Helvetica Narrow

  • Helvetica Rounded

  • Helvetica Inserat

  • Helvetica Textbook

  • Helvetica Compressed

  • Helvetica Light

Downloading the Font

There will include several websites which provide a complimentary download of Helvetica font. Many require you to buy the font, which includes trusted vendors such as Linotype and Adobe. There will include several websites such as Font Seek which provide downloads for free. Other sites offering free fonts include My Fonts, Font Space, Search Free Fonts, etc.

The font appears similar to Arial in Microsoft Word. Most experts have a difficult time differentiating between Arial and Helvetica, and a few say Arial is a complete rip-off of Helvetica. There will include a lot of small differences which one may discern through some close observation. Coolvetica includes an additional font that is similar to Helvetica.

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