Agile Software Development

For developing its projects, a software development company may often use a framework called agile software development. In fact it is the result of the frustration that often prevails in traditional project management activities.

Agile software development is often defined as heavyweight methods. It usually includes a well synchronized and well ordered micro managed use of development. Though the process originating from this is very technical, it is slow, inconsistent and demeaning with the methods that the software development companies used earlier.

A large number of disciplines fall within the agile software development services. These include:

  • Crystal Clear

  • Scrum

  • Extreme Programming (XP)

  • Feature Driven Development

  • Lean

  • DSDM

  • Adaptive Software Development

How to estimate agile software development projects:

You will need to estimate the size of all the known features/ user-story in the backlog, if you want to manage your agile software development projects efficiently. Use story points while including the features and case studies. These story points are numbers assigned to the features and help to point out the size of each feature and efforts required to build them.

It is better to stick to a simple list of numbers while assigning story-points. You can begin with a case study or feature, which is smallest in size and gradually move on to the next. You also need to estimate how one feature relates in size and effort to another and then assign them their story points.

The principles and objectives of implementing agile software development process:

The main purpose of a software development company in implementing agile methodology is to reduce the risk involved in software development. According to the Agile Manifesto, the following are the common principles and objectives of most of the agile software development processes.

  • Continuous and rapid delivery of the useful and effective software in order to satisfy the customers.

  • To build development projects around motivated, trustworthy and proficient individuals who can develop the software efficiently.

  • To encourage the software development companies to be constantly attentive to technical excellence and quality design.

  • To deliver the software as early as possible.

  • Focusing on the software as a principal measure of progress.

  • To encourage software development companies to give importance to the late changes in requirements.

  • To build a close and regular co-operation between developers and business people.

  • Simplicity in work and self organizing teams.

  • Developing and changing according to the present circumstances.

The status of agile software development:

Agile software development is frequently compared with one of the most widespread software development models- the waterfall model. In fact a series of surveys conducted by various institutions have confirmed that the most dominant process model is the waterfall model. 

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