Build a Career in Software Development Company

There are a number of job opportunities in a software development company. Apart from the software developers or programmers, there are graphic designers, content and technical writers, and testers. However among all these, the job of software developers is most important as well as lucrative.

A software developer creates various programs that enable the software to perform specific jobs. They are involved in the process of writing the code, interacting with graphics creators and content providers, as well as with testers to develop a flawless end product.

Required Qualification:

Though there are no definite academic criteria for software developers, the following are some qualifications preferred by a software development company:

  • Holding an engineering degree in a related field, with a computer science background is always favorable.

  • Holding a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is considered to be the most favorable.

  • Since a software developer is involved in coordinating almost all the phases of a development project, it is preferable that he/ she have a degree in computer science, finance, English, business management, psychology, graphics design or sociology.

  • Knowledge on subjects like business analysis and information systems management will allow the developers to enjoy certain added benefits.

There are several software engineers who have experiences and expertise of many years. Such software developers have many lucrative opportunities to work as systems designers or independent consultants and even set-up their own software development company.

The job market:

The job market in the software development field is rapidly growing. If you have strong programming skills, along with systems analysis, business and interpersonal skills, you can easily opt for one. Moreover as most companies are computerizing their business activities, the job opportunities in this field are ever expanding.

With the advent of latest Internet technologies and growth of e-commerce, the demand for software developers and programmers have increased even in corporate and business sectors.

The salary:

Almost all the software development companies offer a lucrative and handsome salary to their developers. However, the salary usually depends upon the educational qualifications, as well as on the experience of a developer. Those who have just completed their degree course are usually paid lesser. But the amount starts growing rapidly within a short span of six to eight months.

Generally the minimum growth is 20% and with time it may reach to around 200%. However, the growth also depends on the ability of the candidate, as well as on the growth of the software development company.

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