Building Traffic For Your Business

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Computers and Internet

Do you have a business where you not only need to get customers to come in but you also need to encourage them to stay as long as possible? A basic internet cafe could be but one example. The customer who comes in, checks his email for about 10 minutes and then leaves is not going to make you rich – even if you charge a full hour’s rate for those 10 minutes.

You Need New Ideas
Maybe changing your basic concept into an internet sweepstakes cafe would work wonders for your bottom line? The marketing ploy is not new but, like so much these days, it has been digitally enhanced. The attraction is still a free sweepstakes entry but the advantage to you is that the more hours of internet usage your customers purchase, the more entries they receive. Do I hear you say that, once they have their entries, they can claim their rewards and leave? Well, yes they can – you have been paid for those hours remember. However, if you team up with a good supplier when upgrading your place into an internet sweepstakes cafe, the supplier not only takes care of the sweepstake entries but they also configure your computers to enable access to a wide range of very realistic games that are available online from their powerful servers. Your sweepstake customers will want to play these games again and again; especially given the added attraction that, every time they purchase more time from you, they receive more sweepstake entries. Furthermore, these games will be regularly upgraded so your customers need never grow bored.

What If Customers Want Cash Prizes?
In your internet sweepstakes cafe, you are not actually handing out the prizes; that is where your sweepstake provider comes in. As well as the necessary gaming and internet software, your provider can introduce you to peripherals that function in a similar manner to “hole in the wall” ATM machines but without being linked to any specific bank or bank account. By entering their sweepstake “winnings” into these machines – known as electronic transaction machines (ETM’s) – the winnings can be converted into credit purchase of a pre-paid Visa card. Loans and check cashing transactions can also be arranged through these ETM’s which would be another draw for new customers to come into your place.

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