The Wide Range of Benefits from a Data Center Environmental Monitoring System

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Software

While many businesses employ the service of offsite data centers to store their businesses important information, many businesses choose to have on-site data centers instead. While this can be extremely convenient, it also requires a bit of attention to ensure that the data center is working properly. However, what many business owners tend to overlook, especially if they don’t have dedicated staff to maintain the data center is the data centers environmental conditions. That is why many businesses that operate their own data center either hire dedicated staff to handle these situations or for more cost-effective measure, many businesses are beginning to use data center environmental monitoring.

Racks of computer equipment as well as storage servers can generate a great deal of heat. In order to keep things running properly, these spaces within the business facility will need to have proper environmental control. In essence, these rooms will need to have the proper cooling to ensure that the equipment isn’t overheated. Unfortunately, many businesses either fail to give these data centers the right amount of cooling or worse yet, they over cool the facility. With the use of environmental monitoring, you will have all the information you need regarding temperatures and efficiency as well as receiving alerts when environmental conditions are significantly different from safe parameters.

There are two main reasons why this sort of environmental monitoring is so important. The first thing is if you’re a equipment is overheated, you can cause long-term and permanent damage to vital computer components that comprise your businesses data center. In addition to the inconvenience of damaging crucial components, the cost of replacing these pieces of equipment as well as the cost involved in over cooling the data center can be rather significant. By having a firm understanding of the environmental conditions of your data center and your ability to change them for efficiency and cost, you’re better suited to have an efficient and well running in-house data center.

If your business needs a data center on-site, it deserves the time and attention in order to be run properly. If you’re not at the point to where you can employ dedicated data center staff, it’s incumbent upon you to ensure that your data center is running efficiently and your equipment is protected.

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