How Can a Reverse Whois Search Help You?

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Computers and Internet

The Whois query is particularly valuable because it provides easy access to information associated with website IP addresses and domains, letting you know whether a certain domain name is taken, or available to purchase. Sometimes though, you may only have very limited information to work with. In those cases, a reverse Whois search can help.

Comprehensive Results

This type of query not only gives you current information about domain ownership, but also historical data, such as all the domain names a company or individual has ever owned over time. If you’re attempting to sell a domain, you could use reverse Whois to gauge how worthwhile it would be to approach a person or company that already owns a domain that’s similar to the one you’re selling, and may be interested in purchasing yours, too.

A potential buyer may wish to buy your similar domain in order to have a broader Internet presence, especially if your domain only has a few differences compared to the ones a company has already purchased. Often, businesses buy several domains that are nearly identical and manage them so they all redirect to a main homepage. This helps users who always intended to get to that destination but may have made a typing error.

A Reverse Whois Search Could Help You Find New Business

If you’re planning on entering a partnership but are still in the research phase, this query could be an efficient way to identify persons or businesses that are similar to your own. Because the listings in the search results often includes several types of contact information, you could visit the domain, explore the information you find there, and then take the next step by making the appropriate contacts and proposing your partnership ideas.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

A reverse Whois search can also alert you to any potential trademark infringements from competitors. Enforcing intellectual property laws can become costly, but through regular monitoring, you can keep expenses down by having a heightened awareness before things get out of hand.

Even if you just know a person’s name or e-mail address, this type of registrant search is considered the most thorough wildcard search available. Use it today by registering with a lookup service that can provide the data you need quickly and easily. Find more about at

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