Secure Data Tape Destruction- What You Should Know

Companies that maintain large data centers often have many unused and obsolete IT assets. As these assets near the end of their life, companies often look to dispose of them at cheaper rates. There are hundreds of data tape drives and disc arrays that are used in data storage centers, and with the passage of time, they tend to become obsolete. However, while the data tapes themselves may become obsolete, the data on them is still quite valuable. Before you sell off your disc drives and magnetic tape storage devices, it is important for you to destroy all the data.

Companies take a lot of different steps in order to keep the data private. However, when you are selling off decommissioned data tapes, there’s only so much you can do. That’s why you need the services of a company that offers professional-grade, secure data tape destruction. Many companies that purchase used and obsolete data tape storage such as Big Data Supply, Inc., also offer secure data tape destruction services. Here’s how the sorting and settling process works:

Getting an Offer

The first step is to contact the company and inform them about the equipment. Companies usually sell off a variety of different types of products. The quantity, quality and brands can vary. The company will send the freight truck to pick up all the equipment. Then, the company will identify all the equipment that they can purchase. In order to get an offer for your equipment, the company will first carefully assess the condition of said equipment.

If it’s possible, you will get an estimated price offer. Once the products arrive at the company’s headquarters, they will be kept at a secure facility for at least a day. The products will be carefully surveyed and sorted out by type, product and brand. This is when the destruction process begins.

Destruction of Data

Once the items have been received and catalogued, the company will start destroying the data on the devices. Destroying the data is not as simple as just pressing “Delete.” The company uses high-tech equipment in order to delete the data on the devices. Once all the data has been erased, the storage devices are tested for recoverability.

Rather than just chuck off all the storage devices in the garbage bin, you should sell them. Not only will you be caring for the environment, but you will also be earning some quick cash. If you have storage devices that are obsolete and unused, you can just contact the company’s buyback team. Not only will the data be erased, but you will also be complying with industry regulations. Visit Big Data Supply Inc and schedule a Free Equipment Evaluation.

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