The Essentials for Advertising Your Franchise Business

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Digital Marketing, SEO

If you are a franchisee, you likely understand that your branch of business operates and functions uniquely from other franchises in different parts of the country! The ads that your franchisor runs on a national level will not always be enough to drive business in your doors, so take advantage of your local charm to appeal to a more regional audience.

The best way to do this is to pursue online marketing and social media marketing. To learn some of the first steps, you should take, read on.

  1. According to the Huffington Post, half of the mobile users and about a third of computer users will visit a location within a day of their local search. If you want to take advantage of these impressive numbers, utilize local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies! Learning Google’s algorithms and strategically creating content for specific keywords will ensure that your business makes the front pages in any common search.

  2. Facebook advertising for franchise businesses is another incredibly effective tool for developing your local brand and promoting your business. Like Google, Facebook has its algorithms for making sure your ads make it to your target audience.

  3. As a franchisee, you’re a jack of all trades. As a driven entrepreneur who is managing multiple aspects of your branch, you probably don’t have an abundance of time to dedicate to any one task. That’s why, if you want your business to pull ahead of the pack in advertising, you should consider speaking with a company like Conversion Buddha who can offer you personalized social marketing expertise.

Thanks to marketing experts who are excited to manage SEO optimization, Facebook advertising for franchise businesses, and even more personalized solutions for your needs, you can find great success and consumer draw in the digital world.

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