Common Mistakes In Mobile App Development By Atlanta Small Businesses

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Software Development

Most people in Atlanta use apps on a daily basis. Using apps offers a faster, more secure way to access information on everything from the weather to tracking parcels or even in placing an order through your favorite online retailer.

Small businesses in Atlanta can tap into the convenience and end-user experience of interacting with their business online through mobile app development. Finding the right app and then designing it correctly will be critical in making the app something that is practical, convenient and actually used by your target audience.

Unfortunately for many small businesses that attempt in-house mobile app development, the results are often less than expected. This is usually a factor of inexperience in developing the app, a lack of clear focus for the function of the app, as well as errors made during the development process.

Not Working On My Phone

A very common mistake made by in-house app development teams is to design the app for one operating system and not checking it on the others. Generally, having the app available on Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other platforms will be important to attract the largest target audience.

Too Much Stuff

All mobile app development should focus on developing an app to have a very limited number of features and functions. For example, an order tracking app just tracks orders; it doesn’t double as a miniaturized version of your online retail site.

Too much information in an app makes it difficult to use and, in some cases, impossible to see and operated on the small screens of mobile phones. Simple issues like small button selection can make an app more challenging to use.

Finally, no matter how much your in-house team likes the mobile app, what do your customers really need and want in the app? If the app doesn’t satisfy the needs of your target audience, they will quickly uninstall it and go on to something else.

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