Is Your Website Ready For Volusion To Magento Migration?

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Software Development

One of the perks of being a successful ecommerce site is the ability to add new products, features, and services to your online offerings. This not only expands your target audience and customer base, but it also keeps your website growing, which helps to boost sales and movement, up the search engine rankings.

Along with the positives of growth, there can also be some very important challenges. One is the lack of responsiveness and features in your current online ecommerce platform, including if you are using Volusion. When companies are in periods of growth, it will become evident if a current ecommerce platform is not performing or meeting expectations. If you find this is the case, you are ready for Volusion to Magento migration.

The Benefits

Many companies considering the Volusion to Magento migration are doing so because of the lack of options. Volusion is operated or hosted on its own server system, which is not as reliable as can be found on third party hosting services designed for large-scale ecommerce sites. Increased downtime or any downtime at all is a concern for online sales, so avoiding this at all costs is often a trigger for the migration.

Magento offers cloud-based hosting services as well as third-party hosting options. The platform itself is known as the best for records of uptime with companies using the platform having up to 99.99% uptime or greater.

At the same time, the Volusion to Magento migration can offer cost savings for a company. With the Magento hosting options, pricing is consistent per month based on the package selected. This is a benefit to business to plan their budget and not worry about unplanned bandwidth charges.

When planning the migration, using a professional service is highly recommended. This will ensure that all elements and features of the ecommerce site are working on Magento and eliminate any glitches or issues that can occur when moving between two different ecommerce platforms.

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