The Next Phase in Displays – The Sunlight Readable Display

The sunlight readable display may be an unfamiliar term to many, but not for long.  What is this cutting edge technology in display?  Sunlight readable display is the next technological marvel in television, computer, and portable screen devices.  The sunlight readable display has several qualities that make it much more durable than LCD lighting alone, the market standard today.

LCD vs. Sunlight Readable Technology

In the next decade, sunlight readable technology will easily replace LCD as the optimal choice for lighting and monitor display in the general populace.  LCD lighting is quite fragile and difficult to see in many lighting conditions, while sunlight readable technology is bright, easy on the eyes, and tough.  Because of its durability, this technology is being utilized in commercial industry currently for consumer needs including places such as banks, gas stations, and outdoor sports.

Sunlight readable display is everywhere today.   Roadside billboards are some of the most obvious examples.  They are bright, flashy, and change advertisements quickly.  This technology is utilized at gas pumps and outdoor kiosks as well as ATMs.

Why Sunlight Readable Display is More Efficient

Sunlight readable display uses optical bonding services.  Optical bonding utilizes a binding agent to adhere an LCD to anti-reflective glass for touch screen capability. UV rays are absorbed by this material. This provides sharper quality outdoors in any weather conditions allowing screen presentation to be clear and easy to view.  The optical bonding agent is quite strong as well, providing an extra barrier of protection against force.  If the equipment is dropped or hit for example, there is less likelihood of breakage or damage due to the increased durability of the product.

Serving the Armed Forces

The military has been utilizing this technology for close to two decades due to its dependability and indestructability.   The military has benefitted greatly from this product because of its ability to withstand the unforgiving environs the various branches find themselves in on a regular basis, especially during times of war.   This equipment is able to continue providing critical information to troops and return important Intel to those in camp, on ships, and stateside.  Sunlight readable display plays a very important role in keeping the military personnel safe.

Marine Use of Sunlight Readable Display

The sunlight readable display is designed to be utilized for marine use as well.  It is waterproofed, can withstand significant juddering, and resist oxidization.   This is very beneficial to boaters, coastguard, fishermen, navy, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Sunlight readable display is not exclusively for industry use anymore.  It is moving fast into the consumer market place. Watch for it because it will be everywhere for everyone in no time!


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