Using a Ticket Kiosk to Increase Sales

by | May 9, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Transportation ticketing systems have been automated for many decades now, but many last minute transactions can lead to frustration. Human teller run booths are highly efficient, but a single delay can halt what was previously a fast moving line. For businesses that don’t offer ticket kiosk options, their target customer base may more frequently rely on other transportation options. Purchasing a ticket in seconds can mean the difference between making a bus, train, shuttle, van, or trolley, and having your plans delayed indeterminably.

Processing Ticket Payments Around the Clock

You can program your ticket kiosk and have it placed somewhere that it can be used to buy tickets at any time. This can help customers to avoid known commuter rush times and let larger groups of customer buy tickets fast. Passengers traveling during nighttime hours will feel more comfortable if they can get their tickets at a time when they won’t be isolated. Self service ticketing kiosk can also be browsed by commuters looking for additional information at their convenience. This can also help to lessen the burden on human tellers.

Kiosk Ticket Payment Processing Versus Human Tellers

Although a fast moving human teller can certain rival a ticket kiosk, one must consider margin of error. When more sales are processed in a shorter time period, there is an increased likelihood of human error. While a ticketing kiosk can certainly malfunction or breakdown, it is also capable of processing a larger volume of virtually error-free transactions.

What is the Fastest Way to Sell Tickets?

A ticket kiosk is fastest when compared to human tellers, and it also can be situated in more constrictive areas. While it may not be feasible to build a ticketing booth in an underground train station, several ticketing kiosks can be mounted in the same place. Ticketing kiosks can also be put some distance away from stops and stations, and still receive a good amount of business.

Buying several ticketing kiosks, the software necessary for taking payments, and the hardware needed to actually print out each ticket will likely be sizable. However, you will also be able to target the areas where you think your business can increase profits the most. Placing your ticketing booths in an area where there are usually long lines will give you increased profits while also solving one of your biggest customer complaints.

Use a ticket kiosk to increase sales and profitability. Offer customers incentives for buying their tickets in bulk, in advance, or as a group. With around the clock ticket purchasing options via ticket kiosks, you’ll provide your customers with peace of mind.

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