When to Call for Onsite Technical Support

by | May 9, 2013 | Business software

If you work from a big, bulky desktop, your computer is plugged into a tangle of cords you fear to touch, let alone rearrange or remove, or you require the assembly of hardware equipment, it may be time for you to call for Onsite Technical Support. Whether moving your computer is physically impossible or simply strategically inadvisable, onsite technical support is a smart and convenient way to fix your computer’s needs. Continue reading to learn more about this method of computer systems repair and support, and when and why you should seek it for your business.

When Phones Are not Enough

When your IT system’s needs can’t be fulfilled over the phone, onsite support is an especially attractive alternative option. Trying to relay and understand instructions over the phone can be confusing, especially when complicated, elaborate machinery such as that of a computer is involved. Having onsite support technicians come straight to your place of work and be able to see the machines themselves can bypass all of this confusion and allow them to get straight to the source.

When Remote Support Is Not Enough

Remote support is typically a good option for computer systems repair. Like onsite support, it allows technicians direct access to your computer, but in a different way. The technician will use the Internet connection to set up remote access to your computer, through which they can then access your computer’s mouse, keyboard, software and hardware configurations.

However, remote support is limited in that technicians cannot physically view or handle your computer. Remote support is thus especially restricted when it comes to hardware issues, as these cannot be solved remotely. This is where onsite support comes in.

At Your Convenience

The great advantage of onsite technical support is that it can be done according to your needs and at your convenience. Here are some business situations in which onsite support is especially beneficial:

* Your business is moving

* Your business has a systems upgrade of a large scale in the works

* Your business needs temporary replacements to fill open requests

* Your business needs support technicians to temporarily replace members of your staff

The major technological situations under which you should call onsite technical staff include if your computer systems need people to perform the following services: deploy applications, provide systems analysis, technical guidance, or implement services systems wide.

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